Friday, November 8, 2013

Video Games

            I would like to clarify something and tell you that it is not only skating and skate related activities that your rollerblader may suffer from a time warp. As far as video games the whole time warp thing applies here as well. Oh and if they lose to you repeatedly they will be very upset. It is possible that they will be a much worse winner than they are as a loser. I have witnessed on several occasions these same people with ADD/ADHD become so addicted to a video game, much like they are towards skating that they will stay up all night and do nothing for days except play the video game until they beat it. After they beat it they might continue to play it simply because they have not gotten everything in the game or they want to get a higher score. This could also be because they are planning on playing this game with one of their friends and they have to be the best.

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