Friday, November 8, 2013

They are salty!

They always taste salty.  It’s very apparent when they are skating and cruise past you and give you a really wet, salty kiss.  It’s one of those things where when you kiss them and they taste like they have just rolled around in salt or just spent the day swimming in the ocean. That would be because of the massive amounts of sweat that they have lost through skating.  If you question this… just look at their hats!  Seriously, don’t tell me you have never noticed that they have a black hat with a weird ass white line zig-zagged around the whole thing!    


  1. You forgot the worse thing of all* cause I am a girlfriend of a roller bladder and pretty Mich hang out with them all day* the worse part of there beautiful talent is their smelly ass feet* OMG* IF IVE EVER SMELLED SOME FUNK FROM DEATH ITS FROM THE ROLLERBLADES AND THE FEET THAT COME PUT OF THEM* so ..girls.. ladies.. women if u are dating a rollerblader and have to do their laundry be prepared for the most crunchiest smelliest socks and tees hahaha* good luck*