Friday, November 8, 2013

Identifying people by their skates

Kinda like when it comes to them giving directions, they identify people by their skates.  Someone will say, “you know John, right?”,  “John? Who’s John?” “He’s the kid with the Valo’s.”  Oh yea, John! He’s sick! I’ve often have been with my Rollerblader in other cities or states and he was chosen to be a judge… Why they don’t choose me is a mystery… I mean come on… who wouldn’t want to hear me scream that was an awesome alley oop left side backslide piss stance? Regardless… when he’s been judging a competition… Where he and another judge aren’t  quite sure of all the people’s names and there has been a sheet of paper where they are taking notes that say black shirt Asian kid with Deshi’s, Black shirt Asian kid with Xsjado’s, white guy with black shirt and Deshi’s.  This is one of the few things I understand because it’s logical and makes sense. 

I used to sell shoes and could look at a person and know what brand of shoes they were wearing and approximately know how much they spent on them, same idea but much more meaningful… If you’re a true girlfriend of a rollerblader.

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