Friday, November 8, 2013

Quality time

 If they are spending a lot of time with you, this is not only because they are missing you and want to spend time with you. It could mean that in a few days they will be telling you that they are going far away for about 3 days to Kentucky or Chicago and they will return say one and a half weeks later... remember, I warned you about the whole time warp. The time warp can translate into days if they are with skating friends that they have not seen in a while. My rollerblader left to go to Chicago on Thursday night and said he would be home on Sunday night. He came home the next Saturday. I mean there were some extenuating circumstances but without those circumstances he would have been home on Friday night.  Did I happen to mention that we were moving into our new house that weekend?  No worries though, I was spastic but all the Rollerbladers came to the rescue… It’s amazing what free pizza and beer can motivate people to do!

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