Friday, November 8, 2013



All of the rollerbladers that I know have a similar lifelong dream...their lifelong dreams always include building a skate park, usually in their back yard. You can be asking them anything and you say, “what do you want?” you could be talking about for dinner and they say “a skate park in my backyard.” Ok, well, that is an exaggeration but out of a group of people the majority wants to have a skate park.  I’ve thought about this a lot because I, for a fleeting moment, thought… this is a great idea.  My rollerblader doesn’t have a lot of time and if he wants to skate, it would be cool if he could go in the backyard for a while and then go to work. 

After deeper contemplation, I am pretty sure that unless your house is sound proof you will pretty much hate this idea with time. They will be skating 24/7 which will be ok because you will know where they are and that they aren’t getting arrested for trespassing but I also think that at some point in your life, you’d want to sleep. 

I don’t know… to everything there are pro’s and con’s but I guess it’s all where you are in your life.  6     years ago, my ass would be out there with a damn hammer and some screws building whatever they hell you guys wanted.

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