Friday, November 8, 2013

Dirty Hands

            This is also a phenomenon that is shared by most rollerbladers and yet just another thing that I do not understand. Do not be surprised when your super hygienic boyfriend, not mine, goes out skating for the day, their hands are black or bloody, they come home and eat something that requires using their hands like pizza, hotdogs, french fries, or chicken nuggets and then sometime later for some stupid ass reason they will notice that they have black hands seem a little shocked and will go and wash them but really what is the point? They have already eaten all that crap. I mean how can you eat when you have black or bloody hands and not notice it? That must be the caveman ancestry coming out in them. That is a good point, there is a lot of times that they may revert back into their original state and start banging on man you Sheila

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