Friday, November 8, 2013

Movies and TV

Do not be surprised when you are watching a movie or a tv show with a rollerblader and they totally miss the whole plotline of the movie.  This would be due to the fact that the whole time they are fantasizing about the skate spots that they see in the background.  Don’t worry, there might be some lady with an awesome ass, they saw that and took notes, but feel some sense of peace that what they are really fixated on is not the ass that now you’re self conscious and jealous of but more of that rail/ledge in the background!  They are also thinking about the line they could do at that spot… I personally love it when you’re watching a bad ass Kung Fu movie they start talking about how the actor would be such a badass on rollerblades, and then fantasize about that for a while.  I remember being in a movie theater and hearing all my rollerblader’s talk about how much of a bad ass Tony Ja would be on rollerblades and how he would have “killed it”

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