Friday, November 8, 2013

Their ideas

Their Ideas

They come up with the most random ideas ever.  You can be building a house together and ask them about if/ how they’d like to construct a storage closet and they are speechless… they have no input in it what-so-ever.  Ask them about storage in the garage and they look at you like you’re speaking Portuguese.   Mention something about skating and they are a regular Albert Einstein.  The guy can’t add or remember his zip code but damn he can build a perfect rail, box, or anything you can think of… unless it’s practical. 

I do love their ideas, I must say!.  Oneday they decided they would gather massive amounts of cardboard so that they could paint flames on them and put them up next to the rail so that it looked like they were skating through fire.  They constructed p-rail’s and boxes that would blow your mind.  Focused brain power for something they love = extraordinary outcomes!


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